Speakers & Presentations


Rob Van Hoesel, FEFPEB Chairman

Fons Ceelaert, FEFPEB Secretary General

Prof. Stefaan Walgrave, Department of Political Science, Antwerp University. He will focus on the special and unique political structure of Belgium or “Belgium for dummies” in some way.

Thierry Moubax, a strategic, multicultural expert with more than 20 years international experience in Marketing, Business Development and Innovation in Corporates (such as Shell, DHL, bpost and Securitas), and as a consultant for SME’s and Start-ups. His recent focus lies on the use of Artificial Intelligence. He will speak about the opportunities of AI for the wood pallets and packaging sector.

Francis Huysman, Managing Director of Valipac or Xavier Lhoir, Director Materials and Operations at Valipac. Valipac was created in 1997 by the Belgian industry to provide a collective response to the extended producer responsibility for industrial packaging. It is the first European organisation that deals specifically with industrial packaging. Valipac’s basic mission is to achieve the recycling rates imposed on clients for the industrial packaging they place on the Belgian market.

Koen de Leus (B), Chief Economist - Research BNP Paribas Fortis
"The New World Economy"

Paul Brannen (UK) / CEI Bois - Director of Public Affairs (formerly MEP)
"After the European elections: The EU landscape changing - impact on the wood sector"

Nikhil Varghese and Olalla Michelena / DGA Group Brussels, advocacy partner FEFPEB
"Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive / impact on wooden packaging - status process"

Filip De Jaeger, CSO at Fedustria

Ingrid Hontis, Manager Climate and Sustainability at Fedustria

Karla Basselier, CEO at Fedustria