Professional Tours

The professional tours will take place on 29 September. Delegates will be divided (by the organisers) in two groups, as follows:

Group A
07:30 am: Departure from Hotel Baglioni - Pallets Bertini - Mo. Vi. Imballaggi -
13:00 - 14:30 hours: Lunch
14:30 hours: Toscana Pallets

Group B
08:00 am: Departure from Hotel Baglioni - Toscana Pallets
12:00 - 13:30 hours : Lunch
14:00 hours: Mo.Vi. Imballaggi - Pallets Bertini

Hereafter a brief description of each company:


Toscana Pallets is located in Bientina (Pisa), in the heart of Tuscany, in a place characterised by the presence of artisan enterprises and companies operating in various product sectors. The company was founded in 1968 by Franco Vierucci. The generational change led Luca Vierucci, Franco's son, to take over the management of the company in 2016. Adopting the entrepreneurial values of rationality and pragmatism, Luca has designed the new organisational structure, supporting the company's evolution with significant investment plans aimed at the continuous improvement of production activities.


Leading Italian company for pallet repair, located in San Miniato (Pisa). Specifically, Pallets Bertini spa deals with pallets disassembly for wood recovery, construction of new pallets, and removal of pallets with used wood, customised pallets with own logo and production of industrial packaging boxes.


Located in Capannori (Lucca), MO.VI. Imballaggi S.r.l. is a major company in the industrial packaging sector. The company offers targeted technical consultancy in order to identify the best types of wooden packaging, considering the characteristics of the product to be packed, the regulations in force, the technical specifications required by the customer, the country of destination, and the transportation modes. MO.VI. Imballaggi Technical Department carries out 3D processing of customised wooden packaging, suitable for goods of any type and size.