Professional Tours


The whole day company tour on Thursday 26 September will focus on both the production of wood packaging and pallets and their suppliers.

Participants will be split up in two groups for practical reasons and will meet at noon for a joint lunch.

  • Departure: 8 am
  • Return: 5 pm at the latest

PGS Rodanar Pallets
Steenovenstraat 9
8470 Gistel

PGS Rodanar Pallets is one of the largest production sites of PGS group located in Gistel. Every year, this production site produces 5 to 6 million pallets. PGS Rodanar Pallets serves a wide range of customers in Western Europe and has tailored its product offering to various sectors, including construction, food, glass, logistics, chemicals and other specific markets.

Nails of Flanders
Dokter Paul Janssenlaan 3
8400 Zandvoorde – Oostende

At PGS Group, we have our own nail production which is responsible for supplying nails to the entire group. Our Their nail production site is located in Ostend and has 7 machines producing 60 types of nails for pallets. In addition, the site has one machine that produces nails in rolls for use in nail guns.

Pathoekeweg 212
8000 Brugge

The company G-Bloc produces over 200,000 pallet blocks from 100% post-consumer wood waste every day, making full use of recycled wood waste. The perfect example of a circular economy, because once the pallet, in which the pallet blocks are processed, is at the end of her life, it will be recycled and there will be made pallet blocks again. “A cradle to cradle story”.

Koolskampstraat 39B
8830 Hooglede-Gits

Mariasteen's objective is a social one. It wants to offer sustainable, safe and rewarding employment to people distanced from the labour market and give them opportunities to develop. Mariasteen is a subcontractor specialising in industrial activities such as metal and woodworking + as well as assembly jobs. Mariasteen has a strong reputation as a producer of various wood products, including pallets, bases, wooden boxes, packaging materials and more.

Lunch at “De oude melkerij”, Stationsstraat 143B, 8830 Gits. “De oude melkerij” is a restaurant operated by Mariasteen